Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Album Review: Britney Spears- Femme Fatale

So after my first listen (which was just me sitting around and not in a dancing-in-my-underwear kind of mood), first thoughts were “congrats Brit, you've succeeded to sound like every other Ke$ha and Fergie song out there”, with lots of auto-tuned cheesy lyrics and dance-fueled techno/dubstep pop. It's definitely unlike anything she's put out. But I’ve changed my mind, and I actually like it (which I’m a bit ashamed to say). But as of lately, my music choices have begun to include cheesy pop as it makes me want to whip my hair back and forth (it’s my new thing). Britney’s new record is one of the best I’ve heard from this new wave of pop music.

“Till The World Ends” really is a great dance song. At about 2:37, her voice really stands out. And when the groove starts slowing down at 2:52, and then gets back up with the bass dropping-back at 3:23, it's the kind of thing I love. This was written by the oh so classy Ke$ha by the way; so you got to give her credit for making the hits (no matter how much you want to hate her and all her glitter).

“Hold It Against Me” is definitely one of the cheesiest of lyrics on the record. I’m waiting on a good remix of this one, even though it really stands alone pretty well with all its’ steamy dub-ness.

“Inside Out” comes at ya with its sexual innuendo at first listen. Oh how this song makes me laugh for so many, many reasons that I won't go into. Brit’s gettin’ dirrrty y'all.

If it weren’t for "I Wanna Go" & “How I Roll” hard-core sexual lyrics ("Taking out my freak tonight" & “You can be my fuck tonight”, respectively) and all the actual music, I would have taken these two for early-Britney songs (early as in, pre-shaven head). Very bubbly sounds & whistles in the background that would be good for a drive around town with the top down—except people may stare if you're blaring these two.

“(Drop Dead) Beautiful” brings out the cheesy again with “You're body looks so sick I think I caught the flu.” The hook is awesome but the pre-cursor to it—all the “be my sweetie, be my honey tonight” kind of ruins it. I’m unfamiliar with Sabi, the guest spot on this song. This also makes the song not as well as I think it could’ve been.

“Big Fat Bass” has some cool piano melodies interchanging with heavy bass beats. I can already hear this spinning at every club in America, and the “I can be you treble, you can be my bass” being sung by every girl on the floor. Will.i.am makes a cameo that makes the song even more appealing.

The beginning of "Trouble" literally sounds like so many other electro-house-dubstep songs I’ve heard (I’m not good with categorizing dance music & someone I know would kill me if I said the wrong one and it was associated with a Britney Spears song). This is another song on the album that I think a lot of girls will relate to. Lyrics are all about having some probable future regret with “that guy” but not really giving a damn; which we all know we've done. ("My's mind's telling me noooo!!! But my body.....ok I'll stop).

I have nothing to say about “Trip To Your Heart” except come on, we’re not 17 anymore. I have the same thoughts towards “Gasoline” in which she sings ‘my heart only runs on supreme; so hot, give me your gasoline.’ Weh.

The closing track “Criminal” has a sort-of western feel to it. It’s down-tempo and pretty fun just to chill too after dancing your ass off to the previous ten songs.

The four songs on the deluxe version have some pretty sick beats and more lyrics I thought I’d never hear from Ms Spears, mother of two--(from “Selfish”, ‘come on and play inside my love below’). And “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”, is pretty rock-n-roll and makes me want to speed down the highway and really jam out. So, if you’re buying the album, go for the upgrade-it’s worth it.

So Britney is really back I guess. She's got a lot of competition out there though. Nobody said she was a genius artist or anything but making fun, danceable, pop hits is her thing, and she does that well (and her amazing producers/writers). With lots of kitty talk and getting off, on and off the dance floor and more lyrics of basically the same caliber, Femme Fatale may be the club album of the year. She said she wanted to make an album that would make your body move in all different ways, so I guess in that respect, it does just that.

Femme Fatale is out today (3/29).

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