Q: What is Motorcycle Sidecar Drama?
A: A blog in which Lauren and Jack post and write about stuff that amuses them.

Q: Who are Lauren and Jack?
A:  Lauren and Jack are highly amusing people who spend entirely too much time talking about music, movies, television, and what they saw on the internet.

Q: Why's it called motorcycle sidecar drama?
A: They liked the words.

Q: Will yall post something every day?
A: Probably not, but we've assembled a nice catalog of posts ready to read until the next new one.  Check back frequently.

Q: Oh, no... is this another blog in which yuppies in their 20s talk about their feelings and complain about the hardships of middle-class life?
A: Yikes, no.

Q: Will this blog feature motorcycles, sidecars and/or drama?
A:  If all goes according to the plan...

Q: Where can we tell yall that yall suck/rock?
A: Comment on the posts or contact us by email at motorcyclesidecardrama@gmail.com

Q: What is the ultimate goal of this blog?
A:  A music festival (tentatively called Dramafest... granted, that'll confuse the live theater crowd), a pod cast, being named as honorary grand marshals of the Republic of Texas Biker Rally, a free motorcycle (and sidecar), and an opportunity to present an Emmy... a real Emmy...  Not the daytime Emmy's.