Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grammy Noms 2012

The Grammy Nominations concert just aired, and I'm left with mostly weird feelings--Lady Gaga performing with Sugarland, Ludacris and Jason Aldean, is this a new genre? On another weird but awesome note, Bon Iver is up for four awards: record of the year, song of the year, best new artist and best alternative album. Vernon just tweeted his reaction. In the song and record categories, Bon Iver is up against Adele, Bruno Mars, Mumford & Sons, Katy Perry, and Kanye & crew. Best New Artist has him paired with The Band Perry, J Cole, Nicki Minaj, and Skrillex. I told you it was weird. The best dance categories are a fun one-Deadmau5, Duck Sauce, Robyn, Cut Copy, I wish all these people were performing right now. Radiohead has won three Grammy's in the past, the last time being in 2009 for In Rainbows, and now they can add five hopefuls to the list. As usual, I can think of about twenty more artists that are better deserving but I won't go on that rant. Check out the rest of the categories and nominees here.

Watch The Grammy's live on February 12, 2012 on CBS.

Whipped Cream of the Day

  • If you've got some time on your hands, 35 minutes to be exact, watch La Blogotheque's documentary that covers the Pitchfork festival in Paris (or skim like I did). It includes live footage and interviews from Cut Copy, Washed Out, Bon Iver, Lykke Li & Pantha du Prince, to name a few. 
  • If only all ballerinas and car shop mechanics worked like this. Watch the first video in the series of epic series titled "Girl Walk // All Day", which is set to the music of the DJ/mixtape extraordinaire/sampling wiz genius's last "album". If you haven't caught up yet, I'm speaking about Girl Talk. At the end of all this, it'll end up being a 75 minute video of dance craze around NYC.
  • If you haven't felt bad about yourself today, then here's a bunch of hot chicks in expensive outfits dancing to Kanye! Meaning bras and underwear of course... FYI, at least three of these women have had children. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whipped Cream of the Day

  • Sign up via the email list to get five new songs from El Camino, The Black Keys latest album (12/6). 
  • Head over to Bon Iver's youtube page to watch ten videos, one for each song on Bon Iver. The deluxe version of the album, complete with videos, came out today. 
  • Switch pages for a minute to Pitchfork to listen to a new track from Charlotte Gainsbourg. 

The Musical Stylings of Mr. John C. Reilly

When I heard that John C. Reilly and Jack White were collaborating, I thought it was random.  As random as Jack's collaboration with ICP?  Yes, actually.  I mean... John C. Reilly is kind of a random actor.   A good one, to be sure but it's just... odd.  Think about.  How many times have you ever thought, "Boy, I wonder what that John C. Reilly is up to today?"

But it's not that random if you really think about it.  He can sing.  He was nominated for an Oscar for his turn as Amos Hart in Chicago.  He was the lead in the incredibly underrated comedy Walked Hard.  And he even shared some screen time with Jack White in an amazingly ridiculous scene.

Today, Third Man Records is releasing music by John C Reilly and others.  One 7in features John C. Reilly and Tom Brosseau backed by The Black Belles' Oliva Jean, Fats Kaplin and Jack White on Drums.  The other finds Mr. Reilly teaming with Becky Stark and the same backing group.  You can preview some tracks over at Third Man Records.

I haven't been able to find the complete songs to post, but here are a couple songs that Mr. C. Reilly did with Becky Stark.

Film Review - THE MUPPETS (2011)

It's hard to describe the nostalgic feeling I have for the muppets because Kermit and company were kind of before my time.  I was born in 1983.  The Muppet Show aired from 1976 to 1981.  The MUPPET MOVIE was released in 1979, and THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN was released in 1984.  The muppet movie I know best was THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL (1992) which is still an absolute classic.  Though I grew up on Muppet Babies, I know very little about the history of the muppets.  Anyways, it feels weird to have such a nostalgic feeling about characters that are both timeless yet before my time.

There is something wonderfully good and wholesome about the muppets.  Maybe that's where that nostalgic feeling comes from.  They're a reminder of a time without snark or irony or grit... an innocent time when I didn't even know what those words mean.  Maybe the muppets were ingrained on me way before I was capable of thought, so that Kermit's face and voice is an eternal, Pavlovian comfort.

The muppets are back.  The muppets returned to the spotlight.  And the world feels good again.   More after the break.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Adele: Live at The Royal Albert Hall

Adele: Live at The Royal Albert Hall DVD is out today. Head over to The Guardian to listen to the concert in full.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


As an Asian guy in his 20s, the first Harold and Kumar movie meant a lot to me.  It felt groundbreaking for its accurate portrayals of its minority leads.  That is, Harold and Kumar weren't caricatures.  They didn't speak with foreign accents or act ridiculous just because they were different.  They were intelligent and well-spoken.  They were me albeit with lots of pot-smoking.  They were ordinary guys living an ordinary life while on one extraordinary quest to White Castle.  Even better, the movie itself was good.  The writing and plot were intelligent, ridiculous, bizarre, and surreal... but fun.  It was a fun movie that felt subversive for addressing racism and stereotypes without being overly heavy and preachy.  The second was underwhelming but had its moments.  It felt unfocused and rehashed a lot of the same jokes. It seemed like there was no story to tell, and the studio just wanted a sequel to capitalize on the firsts' success before anything could really be polished.

So, seven years after the original and three years after the sequel, we have A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS.  I wanted to love this movie, but as the previous film, it was good not great.  The story in this installment takes place 8 years after Harold and Kumar had some falling out.  Harold is a successful something or other and is happily married to Maria.  Danny Trejo plays Maria's father who deeply cares about Christmas trees (explained in an amusing flashback bit).  Kumar is the same guy as the previous two... only pudgier and with a big beard.  A mysterious package brings the two together, and Kumar accidentally destroys the tree that Danny Trejo brought.  The plot of the movie becomes the duo's search for a Christmas tree.  Seems ridiculous, but the plot of the first movie was to get White Castle.  More after the break...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jack's Man-Crush on Donald Glover/Childish Gambino

"I won't stop until they say, 'James Franco is the white Donald Glover.'"
- Childish Gambino, "Hold You Down."

Donald Glover is a mighty impressive man.  I don't really have a crush on the dude, but I'm mighty appreciative of what he's contributed to the world.  He's written for 30 Rock and the Daily Show, stars in Community, is a hilarious stand-up comic, and is a pretty frickin' incredible musician.  I admire him.  It's people like him that the world should know.  I'm starting to think that Donald Glover and James Franco are the universe's equal and opposite reaction to famous people who are famous for being famous.  They are the universe's way of balancing out pretty much everything MTV and VH1 have done to us.  More after the break.

How Jack Became a Fan of Community

It started with the announcement that Community was going on hiatus.  I wasn't heartbroken or anything.  I never watched Community, but it was one of those shows that I knew I would like if I did watch.  Nerds dug the show.  I'm a nerd.  I would dig this show.  More of me fellating Community after the break...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Florence + The Machine - "No Light, No Light"

Watch our lady of the harps belt it out in the video "No Light, No Light" from her latest album Ceremonials. The video features choir boys, voodoo magic, and the always ethereal Florence falling from the sky.

Radiohead TKOL remixes

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whipped Cream of the Day

  • Deadmau5 announced he's kicking back and slapping asses in Vegas for the entire year of 2012. He signed a deal with XS Nightclub & Encore Beach Club to perform exclusively at the Wynn Vegas resort venues. Check out the video of Deadmau5 taking on various other gigs in Vegas before deciding he should stick to what he knows best. 

  • "No Light, No Light" from Florence + The Machine's latest Ceremonials is certainly one of my favorite tracks from the album and on 11/18/2011, they'll be a video to go with it. Here's the teaser which features a bunch of choir boys making trouble. 

  • Two more remixes surfaced that will be on Lady Gaga's Born This Way Remix album due out 11/22.  Listen to The Horrors put a super spooky spin on "Bloody Mary" and Foster The People make "The Edge Of Glory" an even more danceable track. 

  • Don't forget to go buy Take Care, Drake's newest record. It'll bring you good karma. 

Film Review - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 (2011)

It's called PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, but it's the second prequel... I could spend a paragraph on that whole strange concept, but it makes my head hurt.

I liked PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3.  I did.  I'd even call it the best of the three and definitely, infinitely scarrier than torture porn and slasher flicks.  What makes the PA movies work so well is the tense "nothing" space.  The anticipation of dread is beyond palpable at times.  I love how the the creepiness and stillness breathes in each scene, and yet it can be suffocating.  The lack of a musical score and musical queues forces you to live in this world, forces you to be at the mercy of the malevolence.  It's a welcome uneasiness that seems to have been perfected since the first two movies.  More after the break...

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Little Boots - "Shake"

UK electropop singer/DJ, Little Boots released a new tune and a 45 minute mixtape for the world's listening enjoyment. This is the first new stuff to come out since her first album, Hands debuted in March 2010. Listen to them both below.

Little Boots - SHAKE by LittleBoots


Friday, November 11, 2011


1. Is it a bad sign that we don't hear Kristen "Snow White" Stewart talk at all in this trailer?  Are they still trying to fix her performance in post production?
2. Charlize Theron sure looks like a badass, but whenever she speaks in an English accent, my mind immediately remembers her turn as Rita Leeds on Arrested Development... MR. F.
3. Chris Hemsworth IS THOR.
4. Will there be dwarfs?

All in all, good trailer.

The Black Keys - "Run Right Back"

New track from the upcoming album El Camino, out 12/6. Listen to it at ListenB4YouBuy or right below. Be sure to check out "Lonely Boy", the first of the new stuff to come out.

Photo tease: Lady Gaga "Marry The Night"

Mother monster stated via Twitter, it's the longest video to date, and it will be the beginning of a story she's never told. Stoked to see what's to come!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drake - Take Care

Drake's highly anticipated third album Take Care made its way onto the internet this week, and the man himself approves. Via Twitter after the leak, Drake wrote "Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it...and take care until next time." So, for all you pro-illegal downloading maniacs, I've found a download link so you can listen and judge for yourself how the album sounds. But remember if you like it, support our beloved Drake and buy it!

Listen to another track "The Ride" featuring The Weeknd.

Band of Skulls announces tour

Today, Band of Skulls announced they'll be touring the U.K. in January and the U.S. from February to April.  They also revealed that Sweet Sour will be the title of their upcoming album, due 2/21/12 here in America (2/20/12 in Europe). I'm personally wicked excited to hear new stuff from the band who hasn't released anything new since early 2009.

Be sure to get tickets this Friday (11/11) to the show they'll be playing at Antone's on March 13.

Listen to the first single, "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" below.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Radiohead announces U.S. tour

This morning, Radiohead announced the first string of cities they'll be playing for the start of a long tour around the U.S. Indie rock band Other Lives will be joining the band on the road. Check out the dates below and make sure to catch them at one of our sweet Texas cities! (tickets on sale Nov. 12th)

27th Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
29th Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum

1st Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
3rd Houston, TX Toyota Center
5th Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
7th Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center*
9th St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
11th Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
13th Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center
15th Glendale, AZ Arena

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Worth the listen: Washed Out "Call It Off"

Basically, it's to the tune of "You & I" from Within & Without but it has a few more grooves and claps and different lyrics (that I still can't understand). It'll be opposite side A on the 12" "Amor Fati" vinyl that is set to be released 11/7.

Washed Out - Call It Off by Weird World Record Co

News: James Blake

And the hits (the good kind) keep on coming! James Blake is going to roll out yet another record, his third this year, in December. Listen to two (of the three) tracks below and another one that I'm not sure where it will land.

Whipped Cream of the Day

  • Listen to the first remix from Lady Gaga's Born This Way remix album (11/22) to come out into the music atmosphere. The Weeknd's take on "Marry The Night" is one that took an epic dance tune into a relaxing melody with R&B flavor. 

  • The xx revealed via Facebook that they've started work on their second album to follow their very successful self-titled debut. Follow them at their blog to see pictures and other inspiring things. 

  • The video for Bjork's "Thunderbolt" is here, and she's pretty adamant that you listen to it properly. 

  • Here's a slice of new material from Mumford & Sons. "Ghosts That We Know" is a perfect taste of what's to come. 

  • On November 22, The Antlers are set to release an EP of outtakes from Burst Apart (if you're unfamiliar, get on it) entitled (together). The eight tracks will include some covers, alternate versions, and new stuff (yay!). Here they are performing "Rolled Together" with Neon Indian and here covering The xx "VCR"

  • Drake uploaded "The Motto" w/ Lil Wayne which will be featured on his upcoming album Take Care (11/15). Speaking of weezy baby, here he is stopping by the stage at an Odd Future show. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Kills- North American Tour

Earlier this week, the most badass duo in American-British rock these days, The Kills, announced they're stopping by a select few cities (including the lovely Austin) in the U.S. early in 2012. On the road, they'll be bringing along JEFF the Brotherhood and Hunters. At the last stop in NYC, The Kills are going to celebrate their 10th anniversary by playing at the legendary Terminal 5. Along with this, they released a video for "Baby Says".

01.20 Chicago, IL - Riviera
01.21 Kansas City, KS - Midland Theatre
01.23 Dallas, TX - Granada Theater
01.24 Houston, TX - House of Blues
01.25 Austin, TX - Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheatre
01.26 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
01.28 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
01.29 Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues
01.30 Tampa, FL - The Ritz Theatre
02.01 Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
02.02 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
02.03 Boston, MA - Royale Boston
02.05 Montreal, Quebec - L’Olympia
02.07 Toronto, Ontario - Kool Haus
02.11 New York, NY - Terminal 5