Wednesday, August 15, 2012

.....and the day before that. 

During Animal Collective's radio show, it was announced that next Sunday their new album Centipede Hz (9/4) will be broadcasted live. We've already heard "Today's Supernatural", track two of the record, which is a bit messier than the music that makes up Merriweather Post Pavilion. One thing we can always count on Animal Collective and its counterparts on being, is weird. 

Late night television yesterday was fun. Grimes made her debut performing "Genesis" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and she looked more darling than ever. Grizzly Bear got silly with Stephen Colbert at StePhest Colbchella 012 and performed "Yet Again" from the upcoming Shields (9/18). After that ran, we saw the awkward (to say the least) interview between Jon Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The "Twilight" star is currently making the rounds to promote "Cosmopolis" but the public cheating scandal is the only thing anyone cares about. Pattinson is definitely pulling off the "sad puppy" look very well. 

Watch the comedic trailer for Seven Psychopaths (10/12) featuring Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, and Tom Waits. If that cast doesn't intrigue you, then something is wrong.

Stream Yeasayer Fragrant World. Taylor Swift hasn't changed

Lazy Lauren out. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It seems like the only thing buzzing and humming yesterday was the new season of Arrested Development. Lots of new pictures from the set came out giving us all a look into what awesomeness is to come. The season is set to be released all at once early next year (2013) via Netflix. It's quite incredible what the show was able to get away with in the first place. Let's all put on our jean shorts and celebrate.

We struggled with ourselves for some time about whether we wanted a "Call Me Maybe" parody touching our blog...but this one is Batman, and we're all about Batman. To make up for the sad reminder of that awful piece of music, watch "Bane After Batman", the best thing that we've ever seen Chris Kattan do.

Grumpy, Mitt Romney-supporting Clint Eastwood is in a new movie, Trouble With The Curve starring Justin Timberlake, Amy Adams, and John Goodman. It's a heartwarming story about a baseball scout (Eastwood) who begins to lose his sight and lose his job to the younger guy. On the side, his daughter (Adams) feels like it's her duty to care for him even though he abandoned her as a child. Timberlake is his usual charming self as the aspiring baseball player and Adams' love interest. Can't say we are too excited about one.

In Playing for Keeps, Gerard Butler plays an ex-soccer player who gone's little league and takes as many opportunities to be shirtless and/or pants-less as 90 minutes allows. It's some sort of love triangle, romantic comedy story blah blah blah. The only reason I'll see it will be for the fact that it was filmed mostly in my hometown of Shreveport, LA, and I want to point and laugh at all the places in that godawful town. The movie hits theaters December 7.

If you were unable to see Shut Up and Play the Hits, the LCD Soundsystem documentary, the film got an official DVD release date of October 9.

New Mumford & Sons that sounds like old Mumford & Sons, if you're into that kind of thing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The xx put out another beautiful new song. "Chained" is soothing and danceable which is exactly what they wanted us to feel and do. It has some beats in it that are different from the typical song we're used to hearing from the group. The lyrics are super powerful, and I like the direction the band is going. I can't wait for a remix of this one. "Chained" comes after the band released the first single "Angels" from their upcoming album Coexist

About a year ago, No Doubt tweeted a picture of them in the studio with Major Lazer. Thinking about the two of them working together was fun since the two genres of music are pretty different. Yesterday we finally learned what they were doing together so long ago. Released was a remix of No Doubt's first single "Settle Down" from their first album in over ten years. I wasn't really into the song in the first place, and I'm not into the weird reggae-dubstep remix either. I love the two bands but this one's a thumb's down. 

A couple days ago, M.I.A. tweeted (the official release for everything) a strange-looking track list for, what's believed to be, her new album. Then on Twitter, M.I.A. took some questions from fans about the upcoming new music. After explaining that the number of tracks on the new album will be determined by the number of songs that sound good in a car, there will be no collaborations or producers involved that are fame whores, and that the new album "is a fuck you to them [industry people] and a thank you to you [fans]", she stated a book, LP, documentary, and art exhibition are all coming in December. 

This has been a great year in films (you too music!) and another movie sneak peak just hit the web. I knew when I started watching the trailer for This Is 40 that the cast looked familiar. The comedy is sort of a sequel to Knocked Up that surrounds the pain and struggles of the marriage between Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters. Directed and written by Judd Apatow, it's sure to be one more entertaining and hilarious film by the man. And take a look at the cast...seriously awesome. 

Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. (vampire Ab reincarnated?)

Monday, August 6, 2012

In the "Outta My System" video, one of the singles from MMJ's Circuital, one-eyed Jim James and crew go up against Zack Galifianakis The Wizard in a colorful, psychedelic space mission (see the opening sequence of Smiley Face). The pedal steel guitar in this song makes the video all the more outrageous and hilariously absurd. The video was directed by James Frost who is responsible for Radiohead's 3D technologic "House of Cards"Outta My System Remix EP is due out 8/7 with remixes by Washed Out and Dave Sitek.

Spin Magazine gots what we need. Diamond Rings' John O'Regen talks about his upcoming album Free Dimensional (10/23) and fulfilling our lives with his music. The first single "I'm Just Me" is fierce but has a dark quality to it and keyboard synths that would make the 80s gods proud. The lyrics focus on one of O'Regen's leading subjects, gender identity.

When it wasn't raining, Toro Y Moi debuted a funky, synths-all-around new song at Lollapalooza over the weekend (via Stereogum).

I think this may be his prize. How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor is making his indie movie debut in Liberal Arts, a story about a mid-30s liberal arts graduate who is stuck in a rut. Not a new story but hopefully a different take on the one major in college that we all look back and ask "why'd we choose this again?" I'm not totally sold on Elizabeth Oslen's acting yet but with the rest of the cast including Richard Jenkins and Allison Janney, I can look past it and reevaluate later.

Not even two years later, Oscar winners Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) have put together a movie chronicling the Navy's thrilling capture and eventual killing of Osama bin Laden during Obama's third year as president. Zero Dark Thirty already has quite a bit of controversy surrounding it. First, they had to get rid of the original script that was written prior to the capture/killing. Then there were accusations that Obama gave the writing team access to top secret information surrounding the capture to use for the film. Also, ZDT was set to be released in September but the studio was accused of using it as publicity for Obama's campaign, so it was moved to December.

Mars is like WOAH. Gabbi Douglas is one awesome teenager, and her family is inspiring.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In continuing Ellie Goulding news, here's a Halcyon album trailer previewing some of the songs off the new album. T-minus 65 days until it drops (Oct 9). Meanwhile in Gaga land, she revealed a new tattoo, POPART and later on wanted to make sure we all didn't make any assumptions about her new album or project...whatever that means. 

For a while now, there have been rumors of Drake doing some posthumous work with Aaliyah. I mean the guy is a pretty big fan considering the large tattoo on his back of the late singer and several lyrics mentioning her. Being fans of both artists, the song that was released yesterday is baller. "Enough Said" is a smooth and mellow jam with Aaliyah's sumptuous vocals throughout with a middle verse from the always superb, lady-swooning Drake. 

Nobody Walks just came out with an official trailer, and it's a doozy. It's a twist on the modern story of a homewrecker and the cast is incredible. Set to star in the film are John Krasinski (The Office), Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men United States of Tara), Olivia Thirlby (Juno), Dylan McDermott (The Practice, American Horror Story), and India Ennenga (Treme). I'm scared to see my beloved Jim play a cheater but I always love when he's in something outside of The Office. The movie was a winner at Sundance this year, and I'm excited for the release date (10/12). 

Watch this super slow-mo bit that Conan did on his show last week. Then watch The Slow Mo Guys wonder our eyes again with this new video of them swinging a tennis ball on fire. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Two nights ago via The Colbert Report, the man himself announced StePhest Colbchella '012: RocktAugustFest, his wacky version of a mega-concert. The lineup includes the Flaming Lips, Grizzly Bear, Santigold, Grandmaster Flash, and fun. It takes place August 10th aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NY, missiles and all. The festivities will air throughout that week. 

I'm too lazy to explain what the Fragrant World scavenger hunt Yeasayer put together for fans yesterday was all about, so just be glad you can stream the whole album now without any of the hard work. Another new album that I and the rest of the world are or should be excited about is Major Lazer's Free The Universe, which he announced is gracing us 11/6. Ezra Koenig, Wyclef, Bruno Mars, Tyga, Wynter Gordon & of course, Amber Coffman for "Get Free" are joining Major Lazer on the record. 

In the world of the reels, Prometheus 2 is officially a go! Jack and I had our disagreements about the movie but I think the second will be even better since it's been set up by the first. Unfortunately, one of our favorite writers, Damon Lindelof has not signed onto the project yet. Season 8 writing of HIMYM is underway but it may be the last. Writers are currently trying to figure out whether it will be the last season, so they can know whether to finish the story and answer the biggest question, who is their mother? Regardless, they promise us full coverage of Barney & Robin's story and more hilarity from the whole gang. For now, Larry David is putting Curb on hold and staring and producing in an HBO movie directed by Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland). 

In the perfect world, Paul Qui would cook at every restaurant, and our stomachs would always leave happy. Sadly, that is not our world but thank the stars because he's opening up his own restaurant right here in Austin. The cuisine is said to be "Asian-eque", and a name for the space has not been chosen yet. Watch a short segment of Paul discussing food and all his current and upcoming projects. 

A few good music videos were released today by Passion Pit "Constant Conversations", Charli XCX "You're The One (Odd Future's The Internet ft. Mike G Remix)", and Washed Out "A Dedication". My Morning Jacket also released a remix Washed Out did for a song of theirs "Outta My System", an odd match but one that worked out. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MTV announced the nominees for the most prestigious ceremony all year (9/6). Personally, I miss the days of Britney locking lips with Madonna and Eminem giving off the appearance of a bored housewife. Either way, it'll be entertaining and I'll probably live tweet it. 

I'm not a gamer but the track-list for NBA 2k13 is enough to make me one. It's the kind of music you hear at a sporting event, and it just pumps you the funk up. Jay-Z executively produced the soundtrack which will obviously feature some of his own stuff. Artists in the latest installment of the basketball video game include Daft Punk, Coldplay, Kanye West, Santigold, & lots more. See the full list at Billboard

Charli XCX did a darn good cover of Echo & The Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" at Bowery Ballroom a few days ago. Listen to them both and rediscover the good music of the 80s. 

In cinema news, the first trailer for Skyfall was released with exactly the footage you'd expect to see in a Bond film (not always a bad thing). The first image from Ridley Scott's The Counselor came out with Brad Pitt looking all handsomely cowboyish. Earlier this week, an extended trailer for Cloud Atlas was released. If you were like us, you were A) floored that you sat through an almost six minute movie trailer B) loved that M83's "Outro" was used accordingly but C) confuzzled (confused+ puzzled). It looked like Crash mets a Terrence Malick film mets The Fifth Element and every other genre of film that exists. Watch this short video of the directors and writers (same three people minus the author of the book) explain what they had in mind. 

For new music: Hot Chip "Look At Where We Are" (Four Tet remix), Zedd "Spectrum" A-Trak & Clockwork remix, & thanks to the xx posting this on Facebook and beyond, Destiny's Child "Say My Name" (Cyril Hahn remix).

Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion in an effort to be more... relevant? Friendly with college stoners? Who knows...

And for everyone in Austin, West Nile is back, so spray up and Off!