Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The xx put out another beautiful new song. "Chained" is soothing and danceable which is exactly what they wanted us to feel and do. It has some beats in it that are different from the typical song we're used to hearing from the group. The lyrics are super powerful, and I like the direction the band is going. I can't wait for a remix of this one. "Chained" comes after the band released the first single "Angels" from their upcoming album Coexist

About a year ago, No Doubt tweeted a picture of them in the studio with Major Lazer. Thinking about the two of them working together was fun since the two genres of music are pretty different. Yesterday we finally learned what they were doing together so long ago. Released was a remix of No Doubt's first single "Settle Down" from their first album in over ten years. I wasn't really into the song in the first place, and I'm not into the weird reggae-dubstep remix either. I love the two bands but this one's a thumb's down. 

A couple days ago, M.I.A. tweeted (the official release for everything) a strange-looking track list for, what's believed to be, her new album. Then on Twitter, M.I.A. took some questions from fans about the upcoming new music. After explaining that the number of tracks on the new album will be determined by the number of songs that sound good in a car, there will be no collaborations or producers involved that are fame whores, and that the new album "is a fuck you to them [industry people] and a thank you to you [fans]", she stated a book, LP, documentary, and art exhibition are all coming in December. 

This has been a great year in films (you too music!) and another movie sneak peak just hit the web. I knew when I started watching the trailer for This Is 40 that the cast looked familiar. The comedy is sort of a sequel to Knocked Up that surrounds the pain and struggles of the marriage between Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters. Directed and written by Judd Apatow, it's sure to be one more entertaining and hilarious film by the man. And take a look at the cast...seriously awesome. 

Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. (vampire Ab reincarnated?)

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