Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whipped Cream of the Day

  • Deadmau5 announced he's kicking back and slapping asses in Vegas for the entire year of 2012. He signed a deal with XS Nightclub & Encore Beach Club to perform exclusively at the Wynn Vegas resort venues. Check out the video of Deadmau5 taking on various other gigs in Vegas before deciding he should stick to what he knows best. 

  • "No Light, No Light" from Florence + The Machine's latest Ceremonials is certainly one of my favorite tracks from the album and on 11/18/2011, they'll be a video to go with it. Here's the teaser which features a bunch of choir boys making trouble. 

  • Two more remixes surfaced that will be on Lady Gaga's Born This Way Remix album due out 11/22.  Listen to The Horrors put a super spooky spin on "Bloody Mary" and Foster The People make "The Edge Of Glory" an even more danceable track. 

  • Don't forget to go buy Take Care, Drake's newest record. It'll bring you good karma. 

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