Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Musical Stylings of Mr. John C. Reilly

When I heard that John C. Reilly and Jack White were collaborating, I thought it was random.  As random as Jack's collaboration with ICP?  Yes, actually.  I mean... John C. Reilly is kind of a random actor.   A good one, to be sure but it's just... odd.  Think about.  How many times have you ever thought, "Boy, I wonder what that John C. Reilly is up to today?"

But it's not that random if you really think about it.  He can sing.  He was nominated for an Oscar for his turn as Amos Hart in Chicago.  He was the lead in the incredibly underrated comedy Walked Hard.  And he even shared some screen time with Jack White in an amazingly ridiculous scene.

Today, Third Man Records is releasing music by John C Reilly and others.  One 7in features John C. Reilly and Tom Brosseau backed by The Black Belles' Oliva Jean, Fats Kaplin and Jack White on Drums.  The other finds Mr. Reilly teaming with Becky Stark and the same backing group.  You can preview some tracks over at Third Man Records.

I haven't been able to find the complete songs to post, but here are a couple songs that Mr. C. Reilly did with Becky Stark.

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