Monday, March 7, 2011


So, ya know how the first 10 minutes of Up! were the most wonderfully depressing moments in modern cinema? This kinda makes up for it.

That's right, some dude built the house from Up! For the full story and more badass pictures...

And if you don't want the full story, I'll sum it up... Some dude from National Geographic built a 16x16ft house and made it float with the help of 300 helium-filled weather balloons for the new National Geographic series, How Hard Can it Be? (Because, apparently no one over there has ever played "That's what she said.")
This idea was inspired by the hit movie where some dude met his future wife at a young age, and they lived happily for a long time despite not being able to have children or do anything they wanted to do... and then she died leaving him a broken, bitter old man waiting for the sweet release of death while building developers try to seize his land and the only home he has ever known... And then, in some sort of demented state, the man hallucinates an escape from this terrible world by tying a bunch of balloons to the house he shared with his dead lover.... And then he abducts an Asian boy scout... Oh, spoiler alert... my bad.

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