Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sandwiches: Feist, a Pinata and Guns N Roses

I love sandwiches.  I love the idea of sandwiches: take a bunch of shit you like, put it between bread... Boom.  Sandwich.  (And it doesn't require an oven like those self-righteous, stuck-up pizzas... and yet you can bake or toast sandwiches!)  

I love sandwiches in the non-sandwich world.  Super groups.  Dream teams.  Really f*cked up dreams.  Just anything with a bunch of cool but random shit that, when mixed together, turns out pretty awesome.

Which brings us to our new segment: Sandwiches.  This is where we post something made up of a bizarre mix of things we like to share it with you.  Because the second best thing to eating a sandwich is sharing it.

1. Feist
2. Feist hitting a pinata (I was gonna say "banging a pinata," but that'd be a different blog all together)
3. While Feist's backing band plays Guns N Roses' "November Rain" in the background.
4. And then a fake Slash comes for the epic guitar solo which is slightly funnier and more surreal than if it were real Slash.

Another sandwich from a past post: Jim Carey singing "I Am The Walrus."

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