Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whipped Cream of the Day

  • For the video of the [once-thought] happy song "We Found Love" from Calvin Harris & Rihanna, nonstop partying, sex, and substance abuse takes it's toll on the young couple. Take a peek at Michael K's hilarious dissection of it here

  • In an recent interview, Radiohead revealed that the band will tour next year around February to November in the US and UK. Excited? Fuck yeah! Listen to the whole interview at BBC.

  • Watch Chris Martin and the guys from Coldplay find their own "Paradise" while dressed up in elephant costumes (album out 10/25). Gaze and watch the new video for "Midnight City" as a group of kids that look like they were plucked right out of Professor X's school for the supernatural get out and explore the world (album out now). 

  • Take a listen to two Massive Attack & Burial tracks that were released on a limited edition 12" vinyl which sold out on the same day. "Paradise Circus" & "Four Walls" both run around twelve minutes, so sit down and relax. 

  • Gotta check out this interactive music experience on Ellie Goulding's website; it's got pretty lights to the tunes of her pretty music---Win! 

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