Friday, October 28, 2011

10/26/2011 Taylor Swift @ Frank Erwin Center

You may not think it but I'm a diehard Taylor Swift fan and won't ever deny it. I'll proudly admit that her music inspires and speaks to me, as does it to millions of other guys and dolls. Although it seemed like most seats in the place were good, our original spots were up there near the not-so-quite nose bleed section. But the T. Swift goddesses were on our side! After we arrived to the show one song in, gave a sob story about our car breaking down & making us late, a very nice staff member told us to get on in on the floor. Shocked and freaking out, we couldn't believe our eyes and ears when we got onto the floor, especially since we thought we were going to be squinting to see her. Taylor put on a fantastic and whimsical show that was dreamy and full of sparkle. Being inside her fairy tale land was an experience that I'll never forget. So be fearless, speak now, and rock on. Watch the video of Taylor and Shawn Colvin performing "Sunny Came Home"

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