Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Look at Henry Cavill As Superman

For a larger version, click here
1. Very dramatic moment in this pic.  This is a good thing since most of SUPERMAN RETURNS was basically almost three hours of Superman lifting things and putting them down (except for the epic plane crash).  This looks action-packed.  So, that's good.
2. I'm not totally happy with the costume.  The S looks good, but the colors shouldn't be muted.  They should be bright and vibrant.  Superman is a sign and symbol for hope and help.  Metaphorically speaking, Superman is the bright red fire engine with the flashing lights.  Also, I really don't get the scaly-ness of the costume.
3. Henry Cavill is a good looking dude, but he's making a scary, rape-face in this pic.  Superman shouldn't have scary rape face.  Angry Superman can be good.  Dark, scary angry Superman is not.

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