Monday, April 16, 2012

Sirius Black and Jack White

Also of note... and this is fucking awesome... Jack White will be playing a steaming show on youtube the day that the album is released (4/27/2012), and it's directed by Gary Oldman.

Let that sink in...

Gary Fucking Oldman.

Yeah, Commissioner Gordan is directing a streaming concert for Jack White.  Sirius Black is directing Jack White.  From the article...

"En route to Mr. White’s home base in Nashville, Mr. Oldman said in a telephone interview that Mr. White selected him after being told he could choose any director “within reason.”...Mr. Oldman, a long time fan of Mr. White’s music, happily accepted. Of Mr. White’s former duo the White Stripes, Mr. Oldman said they were 'the band that you were amazed to find out was just drums and guitar – it was two of them and it sounded like six of them.'"

I stole the picture,  too.  So rather than more light plagiarism, check out the article from the New York Times.

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