Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whipped Cream of the Day

• Here at MSD, we are super pumped for the last Harry Potter installment (it’s bitter sweet). We’ll have a movie review up soon. Here are some charming pictures of the boys in support of Radcliffe's broadway show.

• Panda Bear makes his first appearance as a solo artist on Jimmy Fallon. Danny Perez (via ODDSAC) provided the trippy visuals.

• Speaking of, a great article about Animal Collective finally getting to play a set at Merriweather Post Pavilion (their 8th album title & the best thing your body and ears will ever listen to).

• Hear the b-side "Blue Moon" to the Kills second single off Blood Pressures, “The Future Starts Slow.”

• Can’t stop listening to this tune “Lover” by Blondes.

• The second single "Ambulances" from Ladytron’s Gravity the Seducer (9/13). Also, check out "White Elephant".

• Hercules & Love Affair: video for “Painted Eyes” & a remix of Chromeo’s “When The Night Falls”.

• SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE “In The Morning Sun We Stand (The Antlers/Peter Silberman Remix)”

• I gotta put up this video to Is Tropical’s “The Greeks” which features a bunch of little boys doing their best impression of a day-in-the life of the Sopranos--complete with fun animation.

Listen to these two Black Milk tracks with Jack White producing and trying his hands in the hip-hop genre.

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