Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Lauren's Birthday!

It's our dear leader's birthday today, so naturally we have to celebrate with a song. I've done my youtube research only to find that "Happy Birthday" is still boring (even when done by chipmunks), Fiddy's "In Da Club" has been done to death, and I've just never understood the appeal of the Beatles' "Birthday." These are the ones I liked...

- "Happy Birthday" by the Ting Tings on Yo Gabba Gabba (The embedding for this video is disabled, but I'm trying to make this visually interesting. Just follow it to youtube)

- "Happy Birthday" by Sufjan Stevens. (Lauren got me listening to Sufjan Stevens, so this seemed appropriate... but not all that appropriate because I'm 98% sure this song is about Jesus... I mean, Lauren's cool, but I wouldn't say she's Jesus... That dude turned water into wine...)

And an honorable mention from college humor.

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