Saturday, May 14, 2011

Album review: Eliza Doolittle

Whether she's singing about growing vegetables instead of a fancy dinner, rollerblading, or explaining her beef with boys in skinny jeans, Eliza Doolittle captures the same playfulness in her music that made Lily Allen so charming. Eliza’s voice is as effortless and natural as they come.

What I like most about Eliza's music is that the musical styles of every song are different but flow so well together. The first two singles "Skinny Genes" & "Pack Up" both deliver a 50s retro-pop sound that could have come straight out of Grease (poodle skirts included). "Go Home" has a heavy Spanish influence on it with plenty of cha-chas. "Missing" has the sound of an old 45 playing on a beach in Hawaii. "A Smokey Room" gives us a taste of Eliza's sultry, Burlesque side, playfully hating on girls and their non-originality these days. To conclude the album, "Police Car" & "Empty Hand" leave us with Eliza's soft and flawless voice putting it all to rest.

If you aren't smiling while listening to this young songstress' carefree, sunny tunes, then something is wrong with you.

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