Monday, June 20, 2011

Bon Iver album review

We may reach our quota on blog posts about Bon Iver by the end of this week. With the highly anticipated follow-up to his 2008 success For Emma, Forever Ago coming out tomorrow, we’re in full Bon Iver mode here at MSD. Compared to the last album, Bon Iver is more uplifting and heartwarming even with the theme of broken hearts still in place. I especially love the use of all the instrumentation here. We’re so used to hearing Justin Vernon’s stunning vocals with only an acoustic guitar to accompany him but with a pedal steel guitar, saxophones, violin, and piano keys in tow, the music has a lot more production value and sounds amazing. Bon Iver is another remarkably beautiful & emotionally-driven album. With each song, Vernon brings the listener in with thought-provoking lyrics and impressive arrangement.

And on a rather peculiar note, Justin Vernon recently stated in an interview that the first song he wrote for the album was “Perth” back in 2008. He was working with a guy in music when that guy’s best friend died, who happened to Heath Ledger. From there, the album was born.

Below is the visually gorgeous but sort of confusing video for "Calgary"

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