Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jack White - Machine Gun Silhouette

Out today, is the Jack White 7in featuring the single "Love Interruption" and the B side, "Machine Gun Silhouette."  Though "Machine Gun Silhouette" isn't going to be on the upcoming album, Blunderbuss, it's always nice to hear Jack's stuff... and he never really lets ya down.

***Update... We can no longer find "Machine Gun Silhouette" online.  You'll just have to buy the 7in... or wait until Third Man isn't quite as vigilant

But I'm not a fan of "Machine Gun Silhouette."  To be fair, I wasn't a huge fan of "Love Interruption" at first either, but it definitely grew on me.  It's not bad, but it's... I don't know.

I'm trying to brace myself for more songs like these as it seems like Blunderbuss will be more like Get Behind Me Satan or Broken Boy Soldiers and less like anything from The Dead Weather, Elephant, or Consolers of the Lonely.  That is, something more pop-y and folky as opposed to just flat out, "Get the fuck out of my way.  I'm holding an ax!" rock.  I was hoping it'd be more like THIS cover.

***Update... I just got my 7in, and it comes with a card detailing how the song came about.  Jack was having an email conversation with artist Rob Jones. (Jones has designed a lot of Jack White's bands tour posters.  It's my favorite style, and those posters sell for a lot online.  Really, really cool stuff.)  Anyways, in this email correspondence, Jones talks about his experiences in bidding for things at auctions.  Jack took the lwords from the emails and formed a song.  Genius.

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