Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy Random Playlist: Songs for Bathing Grandma

Today we're introducing a new segment to the blog tentatively called the Crazy Random Playlist. Now what is the Crazy Random Playlist? Well, ya know how you have a playlist for some things in life? The Crazy Random Playlist aims to provide appropriate music for ALL those crazy, random times that don't ordinarily require a playlist.

Today's Playlist: Songs for Bathing Grandma

We've all been there... (Okay, I've never been there, but I'm sure some people have.) Grandma needs to be bathed, and there is no conversation topic that will make the experience less awkward... and the sounds of her soft, weak moaning when you scrub her back coupled with the sounds of the water dripping off her wrinkly, naked body are starting to bother you. So, here are 5 songs that are guaranteed to make the experience of bathing grandma MUCH more enjoyable.

1. Bobby Darin's "Splish Splash."
A standard bathing classic that NO DOUBT will make things fun. And NO DOUBT your grandma loves some Bobby Darin.

2. Rose Royce's "Car Wash"
I realize Grandma isn't a car, but hey... she's car-like at this point, right? And I bet grandma would be down for some silly, car-related role-play.

3. Outkast's "So Fresh, So Clean"
Trust, except for the chorus, she'll have no idea what's being said. She'll just think it's a fun, bath time song.

4. Ray Charles' "(Night Time is) The Right Time."
This song is the epitome of fun. And you love your grandma right? I dare you to not sing-along with it. I bet Grandma loved this one back in the day... unless she's racist...

5. REM's "Everybody Hurts"
I know, I know, why a downer? Because it would be a great moment. Grandma sits there pondering her lost youth while you ponder your lost innocence... and then you both realize that you aren't alone in this world... It would be beautiful. Hell, you could film that cinematic moment ... The writers of motorcycle sidecar drama do NOT promote or advocate the filming or photographing of the elderly while they bathe/shower...

Bonus: John Mayer "Your Body is a Wonderland"
Okay, this one is admittedly a bit iffy because it goes into a weird place... but how hilarious would it be? ... The writers of motorcycle sidecar drama do NOT promote or advocate the fondling of the elderly.

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