Sunday, July 8, 2012


I like Muse.  Well, I liked Muse.  I still like their first four albums.  I still like MANY of their songs.  But their last album was filled with entirely too much meaningless, soulless bombast and overproduction.  I like a little of that sometimes, sure, but it was all just... too much. Too many songs with too many different stages to be enjoyable.

And they haven't really looked back from this approach.  This is the official song of the Olympics.  It is ridiculous.  It's painfully ridiculous.  I mean, the main part is okay.  That part is simplistic and anthem-ic.  And Matt Bellamy doesn't sing too much.  Everything else is just... Yikes.

These are the lyrics. These are really, really bad.

Race, life’s a race 
And I am gonna win 
Yes, I am gonna win 
 And I’ll light the fuse 
And I’ll never lose 
And I choose to survive 
Whatever it takes 
You won’t pull ahead 
I’ll keep up the pace 
And i’ll reveal my strength 
To the whole human race 
Yes i am prepared 
To stay alive
I won’t forgive, the vengeance is mine
And i won’t give in
Because i choose to thrive

I get what he's going for for most of it, but..."Vengeance is mine?"  

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