Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The great and powerful Angelina Jolie has been cast as Maleficent, the main antagonist and "Mistress of All Evil" from Disney's 1959 Sleeping Beauty. I think they cast this part perfectly and in fact, the whole troupe (Elle Fanning as Aurora) is fantastic. The movie focuses on Maleficant's character and the background that led her to turn against the castle and place a curse on poor Aurora. With those alluring lips, demonic eyes, and Gaga-esque cheek bones, who wouldn't be scared. 

Directed by Robert Stromberg (Avatar & Alice in Wonderland) & produced by Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland & Snow White & The Huntsman), the film is set to release March 14, 2014 (so far away) in 3D. 

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