Thursday, March 8, 2012

Radiohead 3/7/2012 @ Frank Erwin Center - Austin

            Despite already receiving two decades of virtually universal acclaim, Radiohead is still the most important living rock band.  It is just that simple.  Somehow still as vital and relevant as ever with every new album, their live show is equally compelling. Before a sold-out crowd at Frank Erwin Center last night, Radiohead coupled their impeccable technical performance with a dizzying visual spectacle - suspended, moving screens flashing live footage of them as they played, all bathed in rich washes of color. Friendly and full of colloquial slang, Yorke subtly charmed the crowd all night; even pointing out his affection for the phrase 'Keep Austin Weird'. Rhythms were especially featured throughout the night, with Clive Deamer (Portishead) adding to Phil Selway's impressive syncopation. Drawing influence from afrobeat, UK garage, and dubstep, the rhythm section kept Thom Yorke's midsection gyrating, as well as the crowd's. Yorke's voice was flawless; the closest thing to perfection I've ever witnessed. 

PS-Jonny Greenwood was wearing a Texas Longhorns shirt

Set List:
1) Bloom
2) Little By Little
3) The Daily Mail
4) Morning Mr. Magpie
5) Myxomatosis
6) The Gloaming
7) Kid A
8) The National Anthem
9) Reckoner
10) Arpeggi
11) Nude
12) Identikit (new)
13) Lotus Flower
14) There There
15) Feral
16) Idioteque


17) Separator
18) These Are My Twisted Words
19) Bodysnatchers
20) Everything In Its Right Place


21) Give Up The Ghost
22) You And Whose Army?
23) Paranoid Android


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